CAMBRIDGE -- Protestors are hoping Cambridge council will change their mind on a proposed warehouse.

In April, they voted unanimously to endorse a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) for a one-million square foot building at Dickie Settlement Road and Fountain Street.

Residents who live in the area were frustrated with that decision, and have been vocal in their opposition.

On Thursday, some of them gathered at the site of the former Preston Springs Hotel to protest the project.

They say they’re upset with the lack of public consultation before council approved the MZO.

According to the developer Broccolini, the warehouse would employ up to 1,400 people and would pump 150 million in investments into Cambridge.

About 100 transport trucks would pass through the area on a daily basis.

Protesters are worried about all that extra traffic, and are hoping for more transparency from council.

“It has an oversized impact on our community and it is something that we specifically did no agree to in 2015, when we agreed to a much smaller development that was consistent with our heritage community,” says Alan Van Norman who was at Thursday’s demonstration. “

The group says Cambridge council has the power to withdraw its support for the MZO, and that’s what they’re asking to be done.