KITCHENER -- Cambridge city council has decided to start gathering public feedback on two potential Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) sites.

A Tuesday night council meeting featured lengthy discussion and delegates in favour and against the sites.

The city is proposing one of two possible sites at 8 Oxford Street and 15 Easton Street both outside of Downtown Galt. These locations were narrowed down from 25 others.

“Consumption treatment sites keep people alive until they are ready for treatment,” said Coun. Pam Wolf. “A CTS offers professional, person-centered support for those struggling with addiction.”

The decision came following the meeting via news release and states they hope to exchange views and perspectives about the possible sites from the public, near neighbours, service providers, and potential CTS clients.

The community outreach is expected to take place from April to July.

Council will then receive a summary report in the fall of 2021 identifying pros and cons of each site. From here, they’ll decide if one or the other, both, or none of the sites are still suitable locations.