KITCHENER -- A makeup artist from Cambridge has some tips to enjoy spooky season even with scaled-back celebrations this year.

Owen Brown, who is 16 years old, is dialing up the glamour on the typical Halloween looks to keep in the festive spirit.

“There's a whole lot of negative things that are happening right now, so I’m just kind of spicing up what i already do, just kind of mix it up a little bit. Just trying to stay in the spirit,” said Brown.

Brown’s love for creating makeup masterpieces grew from his background in performing.

“I started doing some shows with some different companies and i needed to start wearing makeup for them. And I had a show called the Nutcracker with Ballet Jorgen and then from there we got what we are today,” said Brown.

He launched his own professional makeup service last year, offering with everything from bridal to zombie of the bride looks.

The first spooky look he created this year was a spinoff of the wicked witch of the west, and from there the ghastly glamour ideas have continued to flow.

When it comes to planning the perfect Halloween look, Brown's best advice is to have a game plan before you go in, know exactly which colours you're going to use and practice before the big day.

“Don’t be afraid to put on products. You can't be light with it, you just need to put it on. If you don't like it, it always comes off,” said Brown.

One of his clients getting ready for next weekend has asked Brown to give her a custom Halloween look that without giving too much away, would even scare the big bad wolf

“We’ve been keeping it very secretive, the hood gives it away partially but it's two pieces. My face is getting divided, I’ll give you that,” said Caitlin Beacock, a Halloween makeup client.

Following health guidelines, Brown wears a mask when doing anyone’s makeup, and uses fresh brushes and a skin safe disinfectant spray on all products.

After Halloween, Brown will continue working on his craft, trying his hand at more special effects.