KITCHENER -- Firefighters are still at the scene of fire that destroyed a shed and caused significant damage to a Cambridge home.

Crews were called to Moscrip Road just before 5 p.m. Monday.

They initially thought the fire had spread to two homes due to the ferocity of the flames and the thick black smoke that filled the sky.

“We came running out front and as I came around the corner I saw the house engulfed in flames,” says neighbor Kyle Clarke. “It was massive.”

Officials now believe the fire started in backyard shed, before spreading to a porch and then the home.

They say a woman, who was upstairs at the time, was the first one to notice the smoke.

Neighbours say a family of seven lives in the home. Besides the woman there are six older teenagers.

None of them were injured.

Firefighters say the flames made it halfway through the home before they were able to extinguish the flames.

Crews remain on scene hours to put out any additional hot spots.

“We still have some smoldering insulation in the attic,” says Cambridge Platoon Chief Mike Pauze. “It’s cellulose insulation which will smolder, so they’re just ripping that out trying to get back to a point that it’s showing no burning.”

The Red Cross has been called in to help the family who has now been displaced.

- With reporting by Krista Sharpe