With the arrival of summer weather, fire officials are anticipating more people heading out to the water.

Cambridge firefighters are making sure they’re ready for the possible danger that comes with more people being outdoors.

The crews ran swift water drills at River Bluffs Park Saturday afternoon along the shores of the Grand River.

“We’ll put a fictitious victim in the water because we can’t use one of our own guys today,” said platoon chief Dave Mawdesley. “We’ll be going out and rescuing the person based on all our protocols and the drills that the guys have done this quarter.”

The firefighters deployed the smaller RDC vessels used to reach victims that may be hard to reach.

“They can get in and out real quick,” said Mawdesley. “For a particularly muddy spot, a lot of people could be stuck in the water, and this vessel is great.

Officials were also learning how to combat obstacles in the water, from shopping carts to trees.

“There’s the odd thing that’s in there that people aren’t aware of until we get into a situation,” said Mawdesley.

The platoon chief advises the public stay back when the water is high, avoid possibly hypothermic water temperatures, and to wear a life jacket at all times.