A Cambridge car wash says it’s no longer accepting loose change at their self-serve wash bays.

That’s because the Eagle Street business is switching from coins to QR codes.

Customers at Valet Car Wash now need their smartphone when they’re prompted to pay.

Owner Mike Black says the self-serve business has been on the decline over the last decade.

By changing to quick response (QR) codes, Black is hoping to bring in younger customers.

“We were looking for a payment system to attract the millennial demographic who typically don’t carry cash or credit cards anymore. They carry a cellphone and a debit card.”

Some drivers were in agreement. “I don’t carry cash,” says Sam Fortier. “My phone, my wallet, that’s it.”

“It’s just so much easier,” says Anton Gale. “You just tap and that’s just it.”

While others say it’s an extra hassle.

“It’s not extra convenient from what I am doing already,” says Mike Merko. “It’s not something I really know much about but also I have no need for it either.”

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that once scanned, connects to a website that charges your credit card or PayPal account.

Black says customers who don’t want to use the technology will still be able to buy tokens.

With files from Nadia Matos