More legal action is on the way in an Amish couple's battle to keep their dog kennel.

The township of Perth East cancelled the license for Menno and Violet Streicher's kennel, and the Streichers were ordered to get rid of the dogs by Thursday night.

A September inspection of the kennel, which is located on the Streichers' farm near Millbank, found nearly 30 dogs living with poor lighting and ventilation, overcrowding and a strong scent of ammonia.

The Streichers did not remove the dogs. Two Perth East bylaw officers visited the farm on Friday, flanked by two OPP officers.

The group was asked to leave unless they had a warrant, to which they responded that they did not need a warrant.

A person at the farm told the officers that the Streichers were away and the barn was locked.

The officers ultimately left the barn without taking the dogs.

The Streichels, who have already served the township of Perth East with legal action, say they will pursue further legal avenues to prevent the removal of their dogs.