KITCHENER -- A business in Kitchener that was targeted by a theft with a knife may decide to close its doors for good.

Police are still looking for a suspect after a man went into Holy Guacamole on Wednesday afternoon.

Marcelo Chavarria, supervisor at Holy Guacamole, is still shaken up by the robbery.

"He said he didn't want to hurt us, but he would if he had to," Chavarria said. "He pulled out a knife, I mean it was just small but it was still there, and he lunged forward and at that point, I just back up, put my hands up."

Chavarria was working with his store manager at the time.

"I was about to leave if I did leave, it would have just been her," he said.

Chavarria said the man demanded money and left with everything in the cash register and a donation box.

The suspect is described as a white male around six feet tall with a thin build and blonde hair. He was last seen wearing dark pants, white shoes, red gloves and a plaid jacket.

Chavarria said he's seen the suspect before.

"My grandmother, who's the owner, she would always want to help him out, so sometimes in the morning she would bring him empty canisters to return so that he could get some money," he said.

Holy Guacamole confirmed the robbery on their Facebook page on Wednesday night. In the post, they said they've "endured a few broken windows and vandalism," but said on Wednesday "things got a lot worse at this location."

"Our staff's safety is our top priority and to remain open at Victoria Street is under consideration to be honest," the post said in part.

Owners Mike and Dayana Snider said safety is their top priority,

"Staying in business at this location is something our family must decide," a statement from the owners said in part. "Victoria Street North is an area that should be monitored more closely."

"We know that something will probably happen again because it's happened quite a bit before," Chavarria said.

The store is adding more cameras and will now always have two employees working at all times.

"I look at almost every customer differently now," Chavarria said. "Are you going to try something?"

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.