Upcoming Bus Route Changes

206 iXpress Coronation

·         The new iXpress route would provide a frequent and direct connection between west Galt, downtown Galt, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Preston and Fairway ION Station

·         In west Galt, this iXpress route would travel on Cedar Street, and one-way via Southwood Drive, St Andrews Street and Woodside Avenue.

·         New iXpress stops would have benches, shelters and customer information displays.

Route 36 Thomas Slee

·         The new Route 36 would travel between Conestoga College Station and the  Robert Ferrie / South Creek roundabout, via New Dundee Road and Thomas Slee Drive.

·         Service would be provided during weekday peak, midday and evenings, using larger conventional buses.

Route 50 Dundas

·         The new Route 50 Dundas would travel between Cambridge Centre Station and South Cambridge Shopping Centre via Bishop Street, Coronation Boulevard, and Dundas Street.

·         This route would provide direct service from Cambridge Memorial Hospital to Cambridge Centre

·         This route would provide new transit service to residents in Greengate Village. Buses would travel one-way in the subdivision via Green Gate Boulevard and Fitzgerald Drive. 

Stops in Preston, south Kitchener and Fairway Station will be served by the 206 iXpress. Service would no longer be provided along Fountain Street.

Route 52 Coronation

Route 52 would be discontinued and replaced by other routes.

·         The new 206 iXpress Coronation would travel along King Street and Coronation Blvd.

·         Route 50 Dundas would travel along Coronation Blvd. and Dundas Street.

·         Route 61 Fountain would travel along Preston Parkway.

·         Route 67 Eagle-Pinebush would travel along Cherry Blossom Road and Fountain Street North.

Route 54 Lisbon Pines

·         Weekday and Saturday evening service extended, with last trip leaving Ainslie Terminal at 8:45pm.

Route 55 Grand Ridge

·         The new Route 55 would become a two-way loop providing direct service from Ainslie Street Terminal to neighborhoods throughout west Galt. 

Route 57 Blair

·         Route 57 would be combined with Route 111 College Express to become an all-day service connecting future Conestoga College Station and Ainslie Street Terminal.

·         Southbound buses would travel on Blair Road while northbound buses would travel via George Street, Sunset Boulevard and Bismark Drive

·         The route would provide frequent service between Conestoga College Doon Campus and Cambridge Campus

Route 58 Elmwood

·         Sunday service extended, with last trip leaving Ainslie Terminal at 10:45pm

Route 61 Fountain

·         The revised Route 61 would travel between Cambridge Centre and Conestoga College via Preston Parkway and Shantz Hill Road, replacing existing service provided by Route 52.

·         The route would provide direct access from Preston Heights to Conestoga College.

·         Additional trips to and from Conestoga College would operate during peak periods on certain portions of the route.

·         New weekend service would be introduced with buses every 30 minutes.

·         Route 61 will no longer serve Conestoga Residence on weekdays. Weekday service to Conestoga Residence will be provided by the new Route 36.

Route 62 Woodside

·         Route 62 Woodside would be combined with Route 55 to become a two-way loop providing direct service from Ainslie Street Terminal to neighbourhoods throughout West Galt. Renamed 55 Grand Ridge.

Route 67 Eagle-Pinebush

·         The revised Route 67 would travel to Sportsworld Station via Eagle Street, King Street, Fountain Street and Cherry Blossom Road.

·         The route would provide a better link between Preston and Cambridge Business Park and Lovell Industrial Park.

Route 72 Flex Boxwood

·         The revised Route 72 would operate as a flexible transit service that would provide direct connections between Sportsworld Station and major employers in Cambridge Business Park

·         Scheduled trips would travel between Sportsworld Station and Boxwood/Vondrau area.

·         Some trips would make stops upon request at Loblaws Distribution Centre, Toyota and Boxwood Business Campus.

Route 75 Saginaw

·         A new trip will be added departing Cambridge Centre Station at 6:30pm on Sundays.

Route 76 Doon Mills BusPLUS

·         The revised Route 76 would operate via Doon South Drive, Doon Mills Drive and Old Carriage Drive.

Route 111 College Express

·         Route 111 would be discontinued and combined with Route 57 Blair.

All information courtesy of Grand River Transit