As it turns out, Stewart Avenue Public School isn’t the only elementary school in Cambridge where children have reported burn injuries from school toilet seats.

At that school, a seven-year-old boy was treated for second-degree burns after a visit to the school bathroom resulted in a hospital trip.

His mother says he was unable to wear pants for 11 days, and missed about two weeks of school.

In that case, the burns are believed to have been caused by ED Everyday Disinfectant, a chemical cleaner known to be harmful to human skin if direct contact occurs.

CTV News has learned that a child was also affected by burn injuries after sitting on a toilet seat at Hespeler Public School.

Officials with the Waterloo Region District School Board say measures have been taken at both schools to guard against future burns, including a review of chemicals used in the bathrooms and the replacement of toilet seats.

It is not clear if the incident at Hespeler also involved ED Everyday Disinfectant.