A photographer is recovering in a Guelph hospital after being gored by a bull at a charity rodeo in Breslau.

Norm Betts, a photographer for the Ram Rodeo Tour for 15 years, was gored by a bull at Friday's event.

Betts says was inside the ring when he looked down at his camera, and that’s when the 2,000 lb. bull, named Meat Hook, charged.

“He hit me square in the chest and knocked me down, and then turned and dug in and pitched me around a bit,” says Betts.

The photographer suffered a cracked sternum and a couple of broken ribs but says he doesn’t blame the bull, and neither does the tour’s organizer.

“He understands the risks involved just the same as the person riding the back of the bull knows the risks,” says rodeo producer Ross Millar.

Betts says it isn’t the first time he’s been hit by a bull. At the Royal Winter Fair he was left with a puncture wound and broken ribs.

Even though he’s been tossed twice, Betts says he plans on being back photographing the rodeo next week.