Two brothers in Cambridge with a rare genetic disorder are painting postcards to help offset the costs of a vehicle that will accommodate their wheelchairs.

Liam, 9, and Kaleb, 12, both have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a life-limiting, muscle-degenerative condition.

Amy Cavalier, their mother, says it’s difficult for the boys to find suitable activities but a few years ago they discovered painting together.

The brothers first started creating works of art as Christmas gifts and then later they designed a painting for an auction.

It was then they decided to create an entire collection of canvas paintings in order to help them raise funds for a new van. In order to keep costs down, their parents had them converted into postcards instead.

The brothers have created six prints so far and they are available for $15 each or $20 for a set of a dozen on Etsy.

The family says the response from the community has been positive.

Proceeds from the sales will go towards the $70,000 needed to purchase and fully convert a van to accommodate the boy’s two power wheel chairs.

“It’s beyond our means,” says Joshua. “We needed to try to do something to be able to support the monthly payments that we’re about to incur.”

The brothers say they will continue to paint and hope to have more pieces to add to the collection soon.