GUELPH -- A young brother and sister duo have spruced up an old trailer and are running a booming coffee business out of it.

Maja and Moses Brajkovich are the owners of Adapt Coffee and have always had a passion for finding that perfect cup of Joe.

"As soon as I got my driver's licence we'd go to Toronto every single weekend and just go from coffee shop to coffee shop," said Maja.

In 2017, she came across an abandoned 1962 Airstream Globetrotter trailer near Erin.

The siblings bought it from the owner, but needed to do some work on it, considering it was sitting in a field for 15 years.

They gutted it, renovated it with upcycled materials, and began building their own coffee business.

"The most rewarding part was painting because you got to see everything pop," said Moses. "The cabinetry, the floor, once all that came together it wasn't that bad."

The siblings launched Adapt Coffee in spring of 2019, but the pandemic has put a pause on events they'd typically go to.

So instead, the two decided to park the trailer in Guelph.

Both Maja and Moses say it has been hard to run a business through the pandemic, but add that they've been overwhelmed by the amount of community support.

One customer tells CTV News it's the very best coffee in town, while another says they love the people who work here.

"You always meet nice people when you're here having coffee," another customer said. "It just really helps the whole town and the whole community."

This summer coffee season will be the last for Maja and Moses, as the two are getting ready to graduate from the University of Guelph and move on to new adventures.

"We're going to try and make the most out of it," said Maja. "We're looking for someone that is willing to take this trailer on, someone that we think will best suit this."