KITCHENER -- Guelph artist Jenna Paddley has gotten a big boost from a big star.

Britney Spears shared one of Paddley’s illustrations to her nearly 25 million Instagram followers earlier in the week.

“I was just finishing up work and all of a sudden I look at my phone and I start seeing all of these notifications role in,” she said.“People are saying, ‘Britney Spears posted this, like Britney Spears just shared your art.’”

The singer posted the illustration of a bumble bee and crown stating her fans commonly call her ‘Queen B’. It now has 250,000 likes.

The post was also picked up by celebrity news outlet TMZ who wrote an article about the alleged feud between Spears and Beyonce’s fans on the Queen B nickname.

The 23-year-old University of Guelph graduate says it was drawn years ago as a play on words and has nothing to do with either celebrity.

Paddley was also tagged in the photo, but is unsure how Spears found the illustration.

“It was a pretty wild situation and definitely not expected, but it was a fun surprise,” she said.

Paddley’s work has been featured across Waterloo Region and Wellington County. She currently works for bridal store Modern Bride in downtown Guelph as a social and creative media director.

“I am really happy where I am right now,” said Paddley.  “Illustration is still a goal of mine and it has been for a really long time and I think eventually I would like to take it full time. It's always been a goal to do work for fashion publications or editorial work.”

She adds that she hopes to use the new increase in social media followers to continue her passion.