The owner of a Brantford convenience store was back at work today, only two days being shot with a pellet gun in an attempted robbery.

Harinder Bains owns Max Mart on Erie Avenue. He says he was working at the store Tuesday evening when a thin white man in his 20s walked into the store and started shooting.

Not knowing if the gun was real, Bains quickly protected his eyes and face, but was hit by shots to his cheek, neck and arm.

The suspect then ran out of the store, holding the weapon, and took off down the street. In pain, but not requiring medical attention, Bains closed the store and went to the police station to report the shooting.

Brantford police have yet to find a suspect, but they are calling the incident serious.

“This is a serious criminal offence regardless of if the weapon used was an imitation or not,” said Const. Natalie Laing.

“You’re still, if convicted, facing serious penitentiary time.”