Residents in a Brantford neighbourhood shaken by a house explosion last week are now returning home, but the identity of the person killed still has not been confirmed.

The explosion on Ruffian Road last Thursday afternoon destroyed one home, damaged several other properties and killed one person, who has not yet been identified.

Nancy Grasso, one of the residents of the home destroyed in the explosion, has been missing since the blast. Her husband was at work at the time.

However an autopsy conducted in Hamilton on Monday did not confirm whether the body found was that of Nancy Grasso.

Police have cleared residents in the area to return home and many were busy with insurance adjusters looking over the damage on Monday afternoon.

While the homes appear undamaged from afar, closer inspection has revealed cracked foundations, broken windows and warped roofing.

For many it will likely still be a long time until things return to normal.

Jonathan Jorna is among those returning home, and he says despite having people there for support, it's still a struggle.

"At first, when I was still trying to come to grips with it, I described it as 'a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.' But as we've been able to get into the house now and get some belongings and stuff, it's looking like it is going to be a process. But it's definitely a challenge."

Residents in the area say they have been brought closer together by the incident, but many are still shaken.

Meanwhile the investigation at the scene wrapped up Monday afternoon.

The Ontario Fire Marshal's Office has confirmed that natural gas was the source of the explosion, but it remains unclear what triggered it.