Brantford police trying to figure out the mystery behind human bones found on Kimberly Crawford’s property.

Police were first called after the bones were found last Sunday, when the Crawford family decided to put up a fence on their Birkett Lane property.

The plan was to rebury the bones where they were discovered but they quickly realized the human remains were missing.

Police returned to the area to try and figure out who took the bones and then Friday morning they got a call.

“We were advised the bones had been safely returned to the Birkett site for reburial.” Kent Pottruff, of Brantford Police Service, says.

Pottruff says now investigators are speaking with the people that returned the bones as well as the interested parties to determine why they were removed and who removed them.

Police won’t say who had them or why. Archaeologists have been working with the property owners and community to determine their origin. The human remains are at least one hundred years old and that of an Aboriginal woman.

The bones have now been returned to the ground. The homeowner says plans for the fence are now on hold.