A Brantford man faces criminal charges after allegedly committing several robberies over the past week.

Brantford Police say they stopped a car in the city Sunday following a robbery in the Lynden Park Mall parking lot.

Two people were in the car, one of whom – 32-year-old Kenneth Tomerlin – was charged in connection with that robbery.

Brantford Police say he’s responsible for four recent robberies in the city in total, including:

  • The Feb. 12 robbery of Cash Town Financial on West Street by a man holding a knife in one hand and tire iron in the other. Cash was taken and police believe a second suspect kept watch at the door.
  • The Feb. 14 robbery of a Mac’s Convenience store on Erie Avenue by a man with a knife. The man’s face was concealed and no money was turned over.
  • The Feb. 15 robbery of Peek-A-Boo It’s Almost New, a consignment store on North Park Street. The knife-wielding suspect’s face was partially concealed and no money was taken.
  • The Feb. 16 robbery of a woman in the parking lot at Lynden Park Mall. Police say Tomerlin approached a woman who had just parked her car and stole her purse.

In total, Tomerlin is charged with four counts of robbery, four counts of breaching probation and three counts apiece of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose and disguise with intent to commit a crime.

Police continue to investigate. Anyone with information can contact 519-756-0113 ext. 2273 or call Crime Stoppers at 519-750-8477.