A Brantford music festival is doing its part to soften the blow of the cancelled Roxodus music festival.

WTFEST kicks off July 27, featuring bands like The Sheepdogs, USS and The Beaches.

A press release says that the festival's sponsors agreed to give 250 sponsor tickets to Roxodus attendees.

Hundreds of people found out the festival would be cancelled about a week before it was set to begin.

Organizers blamed poor weather conditions for preventing them from setting up in time.

"If any market knows the pain of a cancelled Festival, it’s Brantford!" says president of WTFEST Jamie Stephens in a press release. "Our festival arose from the ashes of a festival that was cancelled here in 2012."

The festival is also offering spaces to as many as 20 Roxodus vendors as well at no charge.

Those interested in taking WTFEST up on its offer can fill out an online form on the festival's website.


Slamfest at Bingeman’s also offered free admission to those who bought tickets to Roxodus.

In a statement to CTV Kitchener, the ticket website Eventbrite said earlier this month that they believe attendees deserve to get their money back and they’ll pursue festival creators for the funds.

Several attendees reported that they had been promised refunds from the ticket website.

"They said within seven business days I would receive the $467 for my tickets," said ticketholder Heather Panico. "We’ve taken a lot of days off work to accommodate this festival. It’s not just the money lost in the tickets and camping."

A statement on the festival’s website said had said that "information about ticket refunds will be released shortly."

The statement disappeared a day later.