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Brantford city council hopes to keep SC Johnson plant in town

Brantford city council is pleading with the province for flexibility as they try to balance building more homes with keeping longtime employer SC Johnson.

In August, officials from SC Johnson’s main manufacturing plant said they might have to leave because of a rezoning application that could put townhouses right next to the facility.

SC Johnson said it loves being in Brantford and wants to stay in town but can’t make the investment it needs in its plant to stay competitive.

City council wants the Ontario Land Tribunal to hear public input before deciding whether that development can proceed.

"We don't build homes better by disrupting a pillar of our community,” Coun. Brian Van Tilborg said. “We can't build better that way. And this is why we feel a little handcuffed here."

Councillors agreed to organize a public meeting and the mayor said he's also asked the municipal affairs minister to appoint a facilitator to try and find common ground.

"[I’m] very hopeful the province will do that, and I think that offers the possibility of there being a resolution long before it comes to a hearing," Mayor Kevin Davis said.

SC Johnson released a statement thanking the city for its support and said it needs to invest tens of millions of dollars in the plant in order to stay open and competitive.

"If the land in question becomes residential, we simply can't, in good conscience, move forward with that investment,” it said, in part.

“We want to be in Brantford and we are hopeful the mayor and city council will continue to support us through this process.” Top Stories


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