Authorities say he saved his mother’s life.

That’s why 7-year-old Dylan Roloson was celebrated at his school by emergency services on Thursday.

The Simcoe boy called 911 after finding his mother Jessica unconscious. She had gone into diabetic shock.

“When I woke up I came to my mom and she was lying unconscious in the bed,” he remembers. “I didn’t know what to do, I called everybody I knew, and then I decided to call 911.”

He says he was very scared, but according to paramedics, he didn’t seem to show it.

“Dylan was extremely calm and collected, he answered the door with the phone in his hand, told dispatch that we were there and led us straight to his mom, answered all our questions in a very direct manner,” says paramedic Jennifer Richards. “The next thing out of his mouth was, ‘I think I’m late for school, should I get dressed?’”

Dylan was honoured at an assembly at his school by local paramedics, firefighters and police, receiving the OPP Commissioner’s Citation for Lifesaving.

Jessica Roloson says she’s grateful that her son was there to make that call before he went to school.

“Thankful’s not even the right word. It’s hard to express how much thanks I give to my son. He saved my life,” she says.

The Norfolk County OPP is using the opportunity to remind the public only to use 911 in case of an emergency.