KITCHENER -- People in Blair fighting a controversial land development for a warehouse are strategizing with others who have successfully fought against similar zoning orders.

Earlier this year, the City of Cambridge approved the Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) for a proposed, million square-foot warehouse that fast tracks development.

Since then, people who live nearby the possible site have been pushing against it.

This includes starting a petition and hiring a lawyer who has fought against another MZO.

“If anyone thinks the residents of Blair aren’t prepared to fight for their environment, for future generations, and for the rule of law then they are fooling themselves,” said lawyer David Donnelly.

Residents met with people who have also fought against these zoning orders in the Guelph and Stratford areas on Thursday night.

The strategy session featured members of the Wellington Water Watchers and the group Get Concerned Stratford, who advised residents to get organized, get loud, and not give up.

“We won because the people got concerned, we held meetings when the city refused to,” said Mike Sullivan of Get Concerned. “We won because we got over 600 people to attend Zoom meetings and write to all levels of politicians.”

City of Cambridge officials says the land in Blair was already zoned for this type of use and would stand a good chance of being approved.

They add that the warehouse could also create 350 full-time jobs, over a thousand part-time and season jobs and $150 million in investments in the city.