KITCHENER -- The closure of an in-car attraction in Kitchener due to Ontario lockdown restrictions has some confused about the new province-wide rules.

The dinosaur drive-thru at Bingemans has been shut down, like many other attractions and businesses across the province.

“Unfortunately the dino drive thru, which is a total in-car experience for families, is not permitted to operate,” said Bingemans preside Mark Bingeman.

He adds that he’s confused since they were allowed to stay open under previous grey zone or lockdown rules.

However, the attraction’s gift shop is allowed to be open on Sunday since retail stores can operate during the shutdown in limited capacity.

Bingeman is asking the province to reconsider the rules and says there’s been a lot of disappointment from people who are looking for safe things to do.

“We just want to know how these decisions are being made,” he said. “Are they made on some type of data? If so, it would be great to know what that data is because certainly we don’t seem to understand it.”