KITCHENER -- A dad-to-be in Guelph is celebrating a big lottery win for his growing family after he won $150,000 on an instant lottery game.

Graphic designer Jason Nahrgang, 42, says he was spending time with his wife when he found out he had won.

He had brought a $30 winning ticket into the store and used his winnings to buy a ticket for The Bigger Spin Instant game.

"My eyes were wide as I danced around the store, chanting, 'I won $150,000!'" he tells the OLG.

He plans to buy a car, invest in his business and start a nest egg for his family.

The OLG Prize Centre in Toronto had been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but recently reopened by appointment to protect customers and staff.

Major prize winners—those who have won $50,000 or more—who haven't been able to claim their prizes have been contacted to schedule these appointments.

Nahrgang isn't the only local celebrating the reopening of the prize centre.

Elmira's Jamie Hunter won more than $134,000 in the POKER LOTTO ALL IN game.

He says it happened in a blur.

"It’s still unbelievable. It’s awesome. I work hard at making sure I’m a good person and it’s nice to know good things happen to good people. It’s hard to come up with the right words to describe this win,” Jamie tells the OLG in a news release.

Woodstock man Jeffrey Went won more than $126,000 in the April 22 LOTTO6/49 draw, but had to wait more than two months before he was able to claim the prize money.

Went had broken his neck in a dirt biking accident the year before, and says the money will give his family "so much relief from the downtime from that."

A Kenilworth man won a quarter-million dollars in an instant bingo game as well.

Dwayne Pichette, a flooring installer and father, says he texted a photo of the ticket to his wife, a nurse.

"She told all her friends at work and they were so happy for us they sent her home to celebrate with our family," he tells OLG.