KITCHENER -- The Region of Waterloo has approved the contract for the construction of a new GRT bus maintenance facility.

The $104,330,000 dollar facility on Northfield Drive will be built by Magil Construction Ontario Inc. out of London.

Slatted to be finished in the spring of 2022, the over 300,000 square foot facility will act as a storage and maintenance facility for the growing fleet.

“If you don’t have a reliable service that people can rely on then people will not use it, choice riders can find other means to get around, so having a well maintained fleet that is ready for service is important,” said Tom Galloway.

The new facility will also be used to store and repair articulating buses and electric buses once they are added to the fleet in coming years. It will have enough room to house over 200 buses and a dozen repair bays.

According to Galloway, the facility’s location in north Waterloo is also significant to expand the service to the townships.

"There is more and more desire for transit in the townships we do have a few routes now but there are more being talked about," said Galloway. "This facility will be well positioned to service."

Construction is expected to begin next month, and be completed in the Spring of 2022.


An earlier version of this story stated the facility will be able to hold over 2,000 buses. In actuality, it is expected to have enough room to hold over 200 buses.