Provincial Police are warning attendees of the Friday the 13th biker rally in Port Dover to be on the lookout for any motorcycle gang-related clothing items.

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to ride in to town for the annual gathering.

Police say outlaw motorcycle gangs continue to populate the event.

“Although Friday the 13th attracts mostly law-abiding motorcycle enthusiasts, we continue to see the presence of those who live and promote a lifestyle outside of the law,” said OPP Detective Inspector Brad Nunn. “Our priority is keep everyone safe.”

OPP are asking attendees to be on the lookout for any gang-generated merchandize that helps support their illegal activities.

They say tension may arise if people are seen by rival gangs wearing gang-related clothing or paraphernalia.

“It may seem like a simple t-shirt or hat, but wearers of support merchandise may unknowingly impact their own personal safety,” said Nunn. “Especially given the tension between rival gangs.”