WATERLOO -- The City of Waterloo says a sculpture that was unveiled in uptown last week has yet to get their official approval.

The art piece,called “Banana,” features a group of primates standing on each others’ shoulders and stands roughly 27 feet tall.

It was created by renowned St. Jacobs sculptor Timothy Schmalz, whose work has been lauded worldwide and is featured at the Vatican.

The sculpturewas commissioned by Hip Development, who city officials say haven’t submitted the art to them for approval.

They add that,while the sculpture is private art and on private property, it still needs to be sent in to the city’s public art committee since it’s visible to the public. It also has to be approved by the director of planning.

Hip Development is currently working through its final approvals regarding the site plan, according to the City of Waterloo.

Since the art piece is private, it will not be a part of the city’s public art portfolio.