It's not even mid-August, but some parents are starting to think about back-to-school shopping.

The Credit Counselling Society says it can be almost as financially stressful as Christmas shopping.

One parent, whose child is about to start kindergarten, says that all of the first-day requirements can really add up.

"We kind of knew that this was something that we would need to start buying over the summer, so I've been able to look all summer and find some good deals and online has some good deals," she says.

"If you're patient, you can usually find a good deal for that kind of back-to-school stuff."

According to a survey by, parents will spend an average of $507 on back-to-school shopping.

Of those parents, 95 per cent of parents say time and money are the biggest challenges.

The survey also says that 45 per cent of parents will spend an average of between $100 and $250 for clothing and accessories, and as much as an additional $500 on electronics.