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At least 10 animals left in vehicles in Waterloo region this month: police

A black and white dog sticks its head out a vehicle window in this stock image. ( A black and white dog sticks its head out a vehicle window in this stock image. (

Waterloo regional police are putting out a stern warning to pet owners about animals left in vehicles.

According to a post on social media on Sunday, officers have received at least 10 calls for pets left in vehicles so far this month.

With more warm weather expected in the coming days, police are reminding drivers to never leave animals or children in an unattended vehicle.

“Temperatures inside can quickly become hotter than the temperature outside, and cracking a window does not help,” the post said.

Elevated temperatures inside vehicles can quickly become dangerous or even fatal.

Anyone who sees an animal in a hot car in distress is urged to call 911 immediately. Police said not to attempt to enter the vehicle.

Earlier this week, Waterloo regional police removed a kitten from a vehicle in the parking lot of Fairview Mall in Kitchener after it was left alone.

Officers forcibly entered the vehicle and removed the kitten. The owner was located and issued an offence notice by the Kitchener Waterloo Stratford Perth Humane Society. Top Stories


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