KITCHENER -- Colourful works of art will be on display throughout Waterloo Region, in a new fresh air exhibit that takes visitors on a walkable art adventure.

With local tourism taking a hit over the lockdown, the Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation is launching the Art Fresco Public Art project.

Over the next week, 50 local artists will paint designs on picnic tables and their works of art will be displayed on restaurant patios across the region.

The Art Fresco picnic table tour is aimed at generating interest in local eateries.

“It’s super important because it represents so many communities coming together with one end goal, and that’s to get people connecting and supporting local,” says Diane Murenbeeld, director of marketing for Explore Waterloo Region.

The theme of the tour is “Waterloo Region United” in order to encourage people to dine locally.

The lumber and metal legs for each table were purchased locally and Home Hardware donated the paint.