Some Woodstock residents are excited to be getting their stolen property back after police arrested three people in connection with a series of break and enters.

Corey Watling, 23 and Amy Rathan, 22, both of Woodstock, have been charged with four counts of break and enter and four counts of possession of stolen property.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael Dustin of Innerkip has been charged with one count of possession of stolen property.

On Tuesday, police put a room full of items stolen from homes, sheds and garages on display. They include everything from jewelry to wedding dresses to power tools.

One of those power tools, a chainsaw, belongs to Derek Hale, who had about $2,500 worth of his belonging stolen last week.

"Of course it knocks you back on your heels a bit," he says. "You feel violated, especially given the location of where everything was in my house, in the shed, it's in the back corner of my property, so these individuals were fairly brazen in taking the stuff."

Hale is thankful the Woodstock Police Service was able to recover his things.

Police say the break-ins were happening all over the city, and detectives had been working on the case for a month before the arrests were made.

Woodstock Police Const. Steve McEwen says "Some of the recovered property was located in pawn shops in the City of Woodstock and based on that information the investigators followed up with who's bringing the property."

Rick Wilson owns the Pawn-Tario Inc. pawn shop and says he has a good working relationship with local police. He received some of the stolen merchandise.

"Well, I email police everyday with what I take, serial numbers, description of them items and in this particular instance that we're talking about, I put in the back and held it extra long to make sure it went through the proper channels."

It was that extra care that helped police crack the case, and means the theft victims will be getting their stolen items back.

Police are asking people who were robbed between Aug. 1 and Sept. 16 to go to the police station on Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to help identify the stolen property.

Anyone who requires additional information is asked to contact Det.-Const. Joshua Coates or Det.-Const. Ryan Wright at 519-537-2323.