KITCHENER -- A report of someone impersonating a police officer in Huron County has led to an arrest and a charge.

Huron County OPP say in early May, a member of the public expressed concerns about someone operating an SUV that resembled a police vehicle.

Then, according to an OPP news release, on June 4, a Huron County OPP officer was conducting RADAR patrols on Highway 21 when an SUV resembling a police vehicle passed by him.

The OPP say the officer waved to "what he thought was a colleague; however, upon further investigation the officer then became suspicious of the vehicle as no other officers were known to be in the immediate area."

When the officer stopped the vehicle a short time later, 'the accused was dressed in clothing that resembled a tactical officer", and "several items were observed inside the vehicle that are commonly used in policing," according to the OPP.

The driver was arrested and taken into police custody.

The OPP say Jeremy Muxlow, 33, from Wallaceburg, has been charged with Personating a Peace Officer.

He has been released from custody with a court date scheduled for August 17th at the Ontario Court of Justice in Goderich.

In announcing the arrest on Monday, the OPP also asked the public to report any similar circumstances.

“If you have recently been stopped by a vehicle resembling an unmarked police vehicle and you have concerns the officer was not genuine, please contact Huron OPP to speak with an investigator,” the release noted.

Huron OPP may be contacted at (519) 524-8314 or 1-888-310-1122.