GUELPH -- Canadian Armed Forces personnel have been conducting artillery training in Guelph this weekend, with exercises and drills set to run until month’s end.

The training for Guelph’s 11th Field Regiment, RCA, took place near Woodlawn Memorial Park and included vehicles towing large ranged weapons called howitzers.

Set-up and tear-down of artillery equipment and other soldier drills are being conducted in an open greenspace at the park’s west end, near Nicklin Road.

Training was slated for Thursday and Friday nights, as well as Saturdays and Sundays, and is planned to continue this schedule for the rest of May.

Activities included moving vehicles, setting and tearing down artillery equipment, but no firing of ammunition.

"The most important thing we are teaching them is how to work as part of a team," said Captain Stephen Beck of Guelph's 11th Field Regiment. "They all need to know how to do their jobs effectively."

The Armed Forces training won’t interfere with the park’s graves.

Those involved will follow public health guidelines related to COVID-19, including wearing masks and physical distancing were possible.

The training is a necessary step to qualify local Canadian Army Reserve members to participate in future Armed Forces operations.