After legal arguments the judge at the murder trial of Nadia Gehl agreed to allow another witness to be called to testify on Friday.

The witness, David Bonnell, testified in connection with an alleged basketball game that Ron Cyr referred to in a text message to Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky.

Bonnell is a constable with the Waterloo Regional Police Service but was not involved in the investigation and was called to testify as a civilian, not in his capacity as an officer.

Cyr, Zvolensky and Nashat Qahwash have each pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree murder in the February 2009 shooting death of Cyr's wife.

Bonnell was the captain of a basketball team called the Hustlers that Cyr played with in an adult men's league and he has confirmed he sent him the team schedules.

On the basketball schedule there was no game set for Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009, though Cyr has testified there was one but that he couldn't remember reading the schedule that was sent as an email attachment.

Jurors have already seen a copy of the schedule showing there was no game on Tuesday.

Court has heard Cyr sent a text message to Zvolensky the day before the murder asking if he could "play ball on Tuesday, the game is at 8:40."

Gehl was killed on Monday, Feb. 2, 2009 around 8:45 a.m. and the Crown alleges the message was code for the time when Gehl would leave her house.

The defence claims the text message was about nothing more than a basketball game.

Of note is that when Bonnell was interviewed by police in April 2009, he told them he was pretty sure there was a game that morning but would have to check the scheduled.

When he did, he said he found there was no game that day.

At the end of the day jurors were told the testimony completes all the evidence in the case. Lawyers could begin closing argument on Tuesday afternoon.