KITCHENER -- Waterloo Regional Police are now investigating two incidents involving the use of a paintball gun: one at a school and another targeted towards a horse and buggy.

A pickup truck was seen driving in the parking lot of Floradale Parochial School on Dec. 22 around 7 p.m., according to officials.

Police say rapid popping sounds were heard coming from the school shortly after the truck had entered.

It was later discovered that someone had entered the school and used a paintball gun to spray the main basement room and classroom.

“There are certainly several criminal charges that could be laid once these individuals are identified,” said WRPS Cnst. Ashley Dietrich. “We are appealing to anyone with any video surveillance.”

On Sunday around 6 p.m., a white pickup truck with an unknown amount of people in it reportedly fired paintballs at a horse and buggy as they were driving on a path near Lions Park in Elmira.

WRPS say that the truck made a u-turn and fired again after the initial shots were taken.

The seven occupants of the buggy and the horse were not injured.

“This could have been a tragic incident,” said Dietrich. “Anybody using this form of targeting or violence towards any individual is concerning and very upsetting to the police service.”

Police say it's too early to confirm if the two incidents are linked, but they say there are a number of similarities.

Woolwich Township Mayor Sandy Shantz says she was shocked when she heard about what hapened.

"My initial reaction is 'you've got to be kidding me.' These are peaceful people who keep to themselves, they are part of the community, important members," Shantz says.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact police.