Something about this Kitchener road seems to attract fast drivers.

A fourth person has had their car impounded and license suspended since Sunday for speeding in the area of Shirley Avenue.

Police say they were doing speed enforcement on June 13 at around 10:25 a.m. That’s when they saw a red car that was allegedly going 102 km/h in a marked 50 zone.

A Kitchener man, 28, was charged with a number of offences including stunt driving. He also lost his license and vehicle for seven days each.

Just days before, three other drivers lost their licenses and vehicles for dangerous driving, too.

One driver was also reportedly driving more than twice the speed limit. Another was seen racing through traffic. A third was seen drifting with bald tires.

This stretch of road is notorious for fast drivers: back in February, police nabbed two other drivers for driving over 100 km/h on Shirley.