KITCHENER -- After 59 years of serving the Uptown Waterloo community, Angie’s Kitchen is turning off the oven.

In a release sent out Friday, owners Teresa and Bob Huegle confirmed that the long time restaurant on Erb Street will be open for takeout until May 30 before closing its doors for good.

A new development is expected to take the place of Angie’s in the near future.

"In this COVID-19 time, and people will know what I'm talking about, we've certainly had time to reflect while being alone," said Teresa. "We've heard terrible stories and tragedies, and I don't want that. I'm glad that I'm going out on my own terms."

The business was started in 1962 by Teresa’s parents Angie and Bill Graham.

“Loyal customers, and staff made it possible for us to be successful for such a long time,” said Teresa in the statement. “They impacted our lives with all their stories, struggles and joys.”

Teresa said they're retiring.

"I am glad that I'm going out, shall I say, on my terms," she said.

She adds that she and Bob are looking forward to spending time with their grandchildren, gardening, and putting their feet up.

“In a non-COVID time our goodbye could have been very different, with time to come together and reminisce,” said Teresa. “We want all to be safe, healthy, and know that we are grateful for all the wonderful memories.”

The Uptown Waterloo BIA said both Angie's Kitchen and The Atrium properties were sold to a developer earlier this year, but there's no word about what the space will become.

While Angie's Kitchen is set to close on May 30, businesses in The Atrium will remain open past this time.

Officials with the City of Waterloo said they haven't advanced any development applications yet.

The Aroma Cafe has been in The Atrium for 30 years. Co-owner Monica Sheridan bought the cafe three years ago and said she's now looking for a new location.

"That's something that we knew was coming and something that was expected," Sheridan said. "We are slightly intimidated, but this past year has shown us how adaptable we are."

Sheridan said The Atrium is expected to stay open until September 2022.

With reporting by CTV News Kitchener's Stephanie Villella