KITCHENER -- The search for nine-year-old Alex Ottley has come to an unsuccessful end.

Ontario Provincial Police announced the news in a tweet on Tuesday night.

"Despite extensive search of Lake Erie and shoreline, search and recovery efforts were unsuccessful," the tweet reads.

"Search efforts are completed. An extremely difficult decision for the #OPP."

Rough waters and weather had hampered efforts to find the boy since he was swept into the icy lake more than a week ago.

He was swept into the water on Feb. 15 while playing with his 10-year-old sister and eight-year-old friend near Peacock Point.

His sister ran to the road and flagged down a car to ask for help.

A couple from Brantford pulled over and was able to save the eight-year-old boy, but Ottley never resurfaced.

Police say that periodic aerial and shoreline searches will continue in the future.