KITCHENER -- Five of Cambridge's six fire crews were on the scene of a fire at a Cambridge manufacturer on Friday evening.

Fire officials say it broke out at Canadian General-Tower Ltd. on Middle Street just before 4 p.m.

Two hours later, firefighters were still working to put out the flames, using an aerial truck to attack flames from the roof.

Despite the heavy response, they say the fire is under control.

They have also isolated the run-off water from fighting the fire so that it doesn't go into the Grand River—the company is located alongside the river near Waterworks Park.

Canadian General-Tower makes automotive and industrial coated fabrics and films like pond and pool liners and roofing and decking membranes.

Fire officials have not yet determined how the fire started, but regional police say a machine caught fire inside the building.

Once the flames are out, the investigation into what started it will begin.

This is a developing story. More to come…