KITCHENER -- The Guelph Humane Society is looking for people to adopt or foster some of its animals in order to free up space, as the organization braces for overcrowding as a result of COVID-19.

Humane societies across the region have closed but are preparing for an increase of emergency cases and a slowdown in adoptions.

“We do anticipate there may be an increased need at this time so we’re planning hopefully around that to make sure we can meet the needs of our community," said Lisa Veit, associate director at the Guelph Humane Society.

The humane society is preparing for all scenarios, for example if a pet owner becomes sick and has no option to care for their animal.

The shelter is looking for people to adopt or foster an animal to free up space for a potential animal in need

"I think we’re going to be creative about how we make sure that we continue to place animals that need a placement in our community, so our adoption program will change and we’re still working out the details," said Veit.

Viet says that 75 of its animals are already set up in a foster home, but with spring being kitten season, those numbers are set to grow.

"We have a number of foster families that help us provide care outside of the shelter and will be calling upon them when we need to for when kittens start coming in," she explained.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society is also bracing for an overcapacity situation and is working with Ground Search & Rescue KW to limit drop-offs.

"We will post it on social media, if you’re unable to hold a dog, we’ll be able to arrange it to get to the humane society," said Katt Burtenshaw, co-founder of Ground Search & Rescue KW

The volunteer group will try to find the animals’ home before resorting to the shelter.

"We'll be able to check the dog to see if they got a microchip to help them get home quicker," said Burtenshaw.

The humane societies are encouraging people to check their website and set up an adoption by appointment.