KITCHENER -- A virtual community banded together in-person on Thursday night to surprise the residents of Lot 42.

Members of the "Act of Kindness" Facebook group have been working together to raise money and gather donations for housewarming gifts for the residents over the past month. The group was able to raise $2,000 for gift baskets for people living at Lot 42.

They dropped off the donations on Thursday evening. Sheena Merling, the group's creator, said it was an emotional experience.

"I was inspired that all these tiny homes and tents were here, so I wanted them to feel like it was Christmas morning," she said. "I was overwhelmed by the impact of kindness, what it did create. I knew it would impact us, I didn't know it would impact me as emotionally as it did."

The group plans to continue on their mission of helping those in need and surprising them with an act of kindness when they need it most.