The prosecution questioned Renee Acoby Thursday, in an attempt to determine whether she would be a danger to the community if released.

Acoby has spent much of her life behind bars after a series of violent crimes, mainly inside the prison walls.

She was convicted of a number of hostage-takings, including one at Kitchener's Grand Valley Institution for women.

But Acoby's lawyer Paula Rochman says her long record doesn't make her a dangerous offender.

"She doesn't fit the criteria of what a dangerous offender is. There's a purpose to the legislation…and there are specific things that have to be considered in her circumstances as a native offender as a matter of law."

Acoby has admitted that she was a bully when she was young. She also told the court she believes people designated dangerous offenders die in prison.

While she hopes to be with her child someday and her behaviour in prison has improved, she also says she's unsure whether she'd be a danger in the community.

A decision is not expected until late November or December given the quantity of evidence.

Crown prosecutor Mark Poland says "There's a huge volume of information before the court. It's going to take [the judge] some time to make a well-reasoned decision."