GUELPH -- A group of Good Samaritans helped prevent a dangerous situation at a Guelph drive thru on Saturday, stepping in to stop an SUV when the driver suffered a seizure.

Adam Hunt was driving on Saturday afternoon when he stopped for some food. A few seconds after he gave his order, his girlfriend, Cheryl Steffner, noticed something was wrong.

"We paid for the order and then Adam started driving away," Steffner said. "He started driving here, I could see his eyes were gone, his leg was twitching and his hand went up."

Steffner took the wheel and tried to stop the SUV by running it into a median. But, the vehicle drove over the median and kept going.

"I was honking the horn like a maniac and I was yelling out the window at the top of my lungs, 'I can't stop the car, we need help, we need an ambulance,'" she said.

The SUV kept moving and another driver ran after them.

"While the car was moving, he got Adam's door open and stopped the car," Steffner said.

A nearby pizza driver and nurse also jumped into help. The car stopped metres away from an embankment next to the Hanlon Expressway.

Hunt, who has autism, was hospitalized on Saturday night.

"It feels good that people put the pandemic aside to help a citizen," he said.

Hunt and Steffner haven't been able to personally thank those who helped them, but have a message to share with everyone who stepped in.

"I think you guys are absolute heroes," Steffner said.

Hunt won't be able to drive for six months as doctors try to figure out what caused his seizure. But, he said not being able to drive doesn't really matter after Saturday.