A home makeover in Cambridge is causing controversy.  The owner calls what he’s had done “art” but many of his neighbours have a different opinion.

The mural was done a couple of weeks ago by a local street artist and it isn’t a typical paint job.

Robert Hohenadel isn’t a typical property owner. “I’m a pilot and I’ve always wanted a mural on my house.”

The artist, Ean Kools, who painted the mural, was recently commissioned by the City of Cambridge to do three murals. “Robert understood. He appreciates my art and gave me a giant canvas to work on.”

Beryl Whiteman lives across the street and sees the mural every morning. She says many neighbours simply don’t like it. “A lot of people are upset. As far as I understand. I’m not sure why. But I think the biggest thing is, is it gang related?”

One neighbour says he complained to the city because he was worried the mural would bring down the property value of his home.

The city’s building and enforcement staff says they’ve received a couple of complaints. They say the mural shouldn’t affect property values and doesn’t break any health or safety bylaws. “The city doesn’t regulate personal taste” says Hardy Bromberg, Director of Building and Enforcement.

Hohenahdel isn’t shaken by what neighbours are saying. He has plans for an even bigger art project. The mural did not come cheap.  He paid one thousand dollars for every hundred square feet.  That totals, anywhere between three and five thousand dollars.