A Paris teen had a dangerous surprise when she found a sliver of metal lodged in her breath mint.

The tiny candy was in her mouth at the time and seconds away from being swallowed.

The family is speaking out because they want others to know about this dangerous encounter in hopes of preventing another.

No bigger than a fingernail, the generic candy packed more than a burst of peppermint.

Allysah Nickell says she had it in her mouth when she tasted something metallic. “It felt like a staple or a needle. It was in my tongue.”

Allysah, who was in church at the time with her family, immediately told her mom Pamela. “My first reaction was what do you mean metal? Because she said ‘Mom, I think there’s metal in the candy’ and she showed me and I’m like, that’s metal.”

The candy was saved and no one has eaten from the package since.

The family tried calling the mint’s makers.  The problem was there’s no number on the back of the package.  Instead, Pamela spoke with someone who works at the store where her daughter’s purchased them.  The Dollarama Store inside Kitchener’s Frederick Street Mall.

Dollarama doesn’t comment on specific product complaints but in a statement says:  “Dollarama is committed to providing quality products.  Metal detectors are used when screening products and the company audits all manufacturers regularly.  Investigations into products are launched when a concern is brought forward.”

Until the investigation is concluded, the Nickell family wants similar products from the manufacturer pulled from the shelves.

Pamela is reminding parents to talk to their kids about the possible dangers of packaged food.  She says if your child tastes something funny in their candy have them spit it out immediately.