As regional councillors took a look at Waterloo Region’s most dangerous intersections of 2014 this week, they also got a report on what action had been taken about or planned for 2013’s most crash-prone corners.

Detailed here is that 2013 list, along with the number of collisions reported at the time and what changes have been suggested to make the intersection safer.


Intersection: Ottawa Street and Homer Watson Boulevard, Kitchener

Colisions (2009-2013): 224

What’s being done? Roundabout to be installed in 2016 or 2017, along with a second roundabout at Ottawa Street and Alpine road, and changes to the on-ramps and off-ramps at Highway 7/8. While the total number of collisions may increase, transportation planners expect far fewer of those collisions to result in injuries.


Intersection: Franklin Boulevard and Can-Amera Parkway, Cambridge

Colisions (2009-2013): 141

What’s being done? Traffic light controls were modified in 2012 to allow a dual left-turn phase. Since then, there have been no collisions caused by drivers making westbound left turns (compared to 31 in the previous five years). A roundabout could be installed, but has not been approved.


Intersection: Homer Watson Boulevard and Manitou Drive/Doon Village Road, Kitchener

Colisions (2009-2013): 134

What’s being done? Almost 70% of collisions at this intersection are of the rear-end variety. The majority of those are caused by inattentive drivers. High-friction asphalt may be installed as a counter-measure.


Intersection: Franklin Boulevard and Elgin Street/Saginaw Parkway, Cambridge

Colisions (2009-2013): 129

What’s being done? A red light camera and countdown pedestrian signals were installed in2008, followed by ladder crosswalks in 2013. A roundabout or dual left-turn lanes could be considered as well.


Intersection: Franklin Boulevard and Pinebush Road, Cambridge

Colisions (2009-2013): 115

What’s being done? Construction of a roundabout started in July, and is expected to be finished by next summer.


Intersection: Ottawa Street and Fischer-Hallman Road, Kitchener

Colisions (2009-2013): 133

What’s being done? Changes to traffic light patterns are expected to reduce the number of left-turn crashes, which currently account for about 20 per cent of all collisions. A second southbound left turn lane and second northbound left-turn lane are being considered as well.


Intersection: King Street and Fountain Street, Cambridge

Colisions (2009-2013): 122

What’s being done? Construction will start in 2016 on significant changes to the intersection, including a widening of the road to allow for new through and turning lanes.


Intersection: Hespeler Road and Bishop Street, Cambridge

Colisions (2009-2013): 109

What’s being done? Officials will study the possibility of lengthening left-turn lanes northbound and southbound along Hespeler, and changing traffic signals to allow better protection for turning vehicles.


Intersection: Ottawa Street and Westmount Road, Kitchener

Colisions (2009-2013): 96

What’s being done? Planners will study potentially widening the intersection and installing a second left-turn lane for southbound traffic, although no actual changes are expected until 2021.