Until this week, Brooklyn Kaufman had never had a haircut in her life.

But on Wednesday, she decided to bring that run to an end – and for a good cause, to boot.

“I want to donate (my hair) to somebody that doesn’t have hair,” the six-year-old girl said shortly before the scissors came out.

Brooklyn Kaufman before

The hair was donated to a non-profit organization which takes donations of hair for people who have cancer.

Kaufman’s decision was inspired in part by her cousin Ainslee, who is fighting brain cancer and has lost her hair due to the treatment.

“Ainslee is so proud of her cousin to have her hair donated on her behalf,” said the girls’ grandmother, Judy Kaufman.

Brooklyn Kaufman after

In addition to the hair donation, Kaufman’s family is giving money to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

“We try to show our children and our grandchildren that volunteering and supporting other community efforts goes a long way, and it will return to you one day,” Judy Kaufman said.