As the work to renovate Cambridge Memorial Hospital continues, so too does the work to raise enough money to pay for the project.

Monday, that fundraising work got a big boost from a group of people who don’t live in Cambridge, but nonetheless expect to use the hospital at some point.

“When it comes to hospital care, Cambridge is where people go first. It’s important that we are a part of that support group,” said Dave Pyper, part of a group of what he calls “citizens and business owners” from North Dumfries Township.

That group has set an ambitious goal for their community – $500,000 to be put toward the hospital renovation.

The total cost of the reno is $250 million.

About $50 million of that – enough to cover the new equipment sought by hospital officials – has to come from the community.

Pyper says the North Dumfries community wants to be part of that, as Cambridge Memorial Hospital is the closest hospital for most residents of the township.

“We think that is a great contribution, and pretty reasonable fundraising for North Dumfries. That’s only about $50 a head,” he said.

Mayor Sue Foxton says township residents have a “can-do” attitude that will help them reach the $500,000 goal.

“They will do this. There’s no doubt,” she said.

“The community will not allow them to fail.”

While much of the $50 million has already been raised, it’s estimated that $13 million must still be found.

Hospital officials say they hope to have the expansion itself complete by 2016.

Once that’s done, hospital functions will move over to the new wing while renovations get underway on the existing facility.

“We are quite pleased that the project’s progressing, and we are optimistic and hopeful that we will soon have expanded services in our community,” said Mike Prociw, the hospital’s vice-president of finance and corporate services.

Once the renovation is complete, Cambridge Memorial Hospital will boast 52 new beds, a new emergency department and new clinical services.