A kitten with a condition that makes her wobble while she walks has overcome her situation with the help of a Guelph business.

Carly the cat was surrendered to a Brampton shelter with her family when she was just six weeks old.

She was born with a condition called swimmer’s syndrome, which has left her with lax tendons in her back legs. She can walk, but her rear legs drag behind her as she goes.

“She’s bold, she’s brave, she’s courageous, nothing’s going to slow her down,” says foster mom Karen Boerner.

Her siblings found forever homes quickly, but Carly wasn’t given the same chance. Her story was shared on social media and it resonated with a Guelph company.

“I can definitely understand some of the issues she’s going through,” says Andrew Cameron, owner of Andosh Accessible Gaming.

He and his brother were born with a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Their bodies don’t produce connective tissue properly, so they dislocate easily.

A few years ago, he began a company making gaming controllers for those living with disabilities.

When he heard Carly’s story, he decided to make leg braces with his 3D printer to help her walk.

After a few adjustments to the prototype, Carly can now successfully walk upright.

“It’s going to give her that advantage, and help her lead a normal life,” says Boerner.

If all goes well with the new braces, the kitten should be up for adoption in a few weeks.