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Waterloo farm says people can find purpose for pumpkins past peak season


A Waterloo, Ont. farm says people can find a purpose for pumpkins beyond Halloween by bringing the pumpkin patch to their plate.

Good Family Pumpkins says to think twice before taking the pumpkin off your front porch and bringing it to the trash.

"The orange ones are a little tougher and can tolerate a little more cold weather and frost," said Karen Good, the farm's co-owner.

Oct. 31 is considered the end of pumpkin season, but people can still find a tasty use for them.

"Making muffins or loaves or cakes or pies," said Good.

Roasting the seeds are also a great option, she says.

Good adds the key is bringing pumpkins that haven’t been carved or painted inside before it becomes too cold and they get soft.

Then people can dice or purée them, and store in the freezer.

"People want to stock up for the winter," Good says.

Pumpkins are used as a key ingredient in some winter meals that are sure to warm you up, she says.

"I've heard people make soup out of every kind of pumpkin we sell," Good said.

"And if you wanted it a little bit on the savoury side, what you can do is season it and just add it to soups and stews, which is absolutely delicious," said chef Emily Richards.

Richards also suggests cutting the pumpkin into larger chunks in order to sauté it in a skillet with oil, garlic and seasoning. Then add tomato sauce for a nice compliment to a main dish.

"We had it tossed with pasta or even just as a side dish with roast pork or beef," Richards said.


Squash is also a fan favourite at Good Family Pumpkins.

They have many varieties, which will be sold at their roadside stand well into November.

"The jester, the celebration or carnival squash, starry night," Good said, rhyming off some types of squash they have.

In many recipes, pumpkin is interchangeable with squash.

And it's a food the Good family encourages people to have a year-round relationship with.

"Every day, almost. Almost every day we eat squash," said Good, chuckling.

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